Dress Code


THGS Dress Code applies for All Meetings outside of the dorm.

The dress code is being changed for the 2018 session. 


Dress for all meeting is business casual. This includes dresses/shirts/pants with a blouse or top. Skirts and dresses much be at least fingertip length. Pants must be mid-calf or longer. No midriff baring tops, tube tops or shorts. No spaghetti straps unless worn under a jacket/sweater. No denim pants or logo t-shirts. 
Please make sure you wear the proper undergarments for your outfits.

Other Dress Code notes:


Casual clothes are OK for in the dorm, free time and the dining hall. Also for attending the talent show Friday night after the reception.


Escort and Flag Bearers Dress Code

A white dress or skirt (no skorts, pants or shorts) and blouse, (no strapless, spaghetti straps, tube tops, backless, or mid-drifts), and white shoes are needed. Your shoes should have straps on the back to keep from making a "slapping" noise.


Shoes should be comfortable. Opened toed shoes are acceptable. Sandals are OK IF they are dressy. Heels are NOT required. NO flip flops, athletic shoes, beach sandals, or Rainbows should be worn to meetings. Sperry type shoes are OK.

Inauguration and Reception
Formal or Sunday dress is appropriate for the inauguration ceremony and reception. It's anther chance to wear that gorgeous prom dress!