General Information concerning Tar Heel Girls State

General Information about ALA Tar Heel Girls State

1. Check in on Sunday is between noon and 3:oo PM. Be sure to eat lunch before you arrive. Once you check in you may not leave campus.

2. Check in is in Peeler Lounge in Keppel Auditorium, on the right as you travel down West Innes St.  Do not unload there. You will be directed to the appropriate dorm to unload and check in with your city counselor.

3. If you drive to THGS, there will be a $25 parking fee that you must pay when you check in for registration. The college will tow unregistered cars. You need to turn in your car keys after unloading your car. Be sure to lock the car before turning in your keys. Do Not leave valuables in the car.

4. Room keys will be issued by your city counselor. Take care of it and return it on Saturday at check out. A replacement of $30 will be charged if you lose your key. Lock your room when you leave it. If you experience a theft, notify your city counselor or other staff immediately.

5. Keep your room neat and clean. Turn off all lights and electrical appliances (curling iron, etc.) when you leave your room. The dorm is air conditioned.

6. Please keep your voice and sound levels low, especially at night. Again, simple courtesy is the key.

7. You may bring your own snacks and sodas. Keep all food in closed tins or plastic containers. Take care to throw away all trash.  There are large trash containers in the hallways of your dorm.

8. Each dorm has laundry facilities for your use to wash your clothes. They are free to use. You will need to bring your own laundry detergent. You might want to bring an iron.

9. You must bring your own linens:  sheets, pillow, towels, washcloths, blanket or sleeping bag, an extra towel and hangers for clothes. Sheets should be twin extra long (you can use them again in college).

10. Sick call is each morning, before breakfast. Notify your city counselor or other staff person if you are ill. You may NOT stay in the dorm without permission from the staff. A housemother will help you get medical attention if you need it or escort you back to the dorm if necessary. This policy is for your protection and safety while at Girls State. Notify a staff person if you become ill at any point in the day.

11. Mail will be delivered daily through cities by the Junior Counselors. Use this address form: Your Name, ALA Tar Heel Girls State, c/o Catawba College/Catawba Conferences, 2300 West Innes St., Salisbury, NC 28144.

12. Checks can be cashed at the Business Office for $50 or less. Your name tag is your identification for check cashing privileges. Supplies can be found in the Catawba Bookstore. Change can be obtained from the bookstore and business office. There is an ATM machine located in the student center. Credit cards will be accepted for Tar Heel Girls State merchandise.