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Tar Heel Girls State 2018

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Thank you for inquiring about ALA Tar Heel Girls State.  This program is under the sponsorship of the American Legion Auxiliary.  

The applications are not distributed through this website. 


In January, school counselors will receive information about the 2018 ALA Tar Heel Girls State program.  Some American Legion Auxiliary units will contact schools in their area to help find interested and qualified Juniors who would like to attend ALA THGS. Most units contact the counselor for the junior class to help identify those young ladies.


Must be presently a Junior in HS

Must be at least 16 years of age

Must be in the upper 1/3 of her class academically

Must be a US citizen or a legal resident with a current valid green card or visa.

Must have lived in NC for at least 1 year

Should have an interest in the workings of government.

If you meet these qualifications, contact your school counselor to ask about the program. If they do not have the information you need about applying, you may contact the the ALA THGS Commission  at

Please provide the following information

Full Name, Email address, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers (Cell and Home)** Parent's information can be given also**
School you attend, school address
Counselor's name, contact information (email address, phone number)