Rules and Regulations


ALA Tar Heel Girls State

These Rules and Regulations are made for your benefit and security. The success of this learning experience depends on each citizen abiding by these rules. Any infraction of these rules can result in appropriate disciplinary action including the possibilty of being sent home without any return of fees or any ALA Tar Heel Girls State materials.

1. You are expected to remain for the entire session from Sunday afternoon through Saturday morning's closing sessions.

2. You are expected to attend all scheduled meetings during the week and to participate in all activities. If you become ill, you must contact your city counselor or house mother to be excused due to illness

3. You must remain on the campus of Catawba College at all times during the session.

4. You may not date during the session. Your schedule is very tight and there is no time for dating. If you have an unexpected visitor-- for any reason--they must be brought to your city counselor, a housemother or a Commission member.

5. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or other contraband will not be brought on campus. Please remember that North Carolina state law prohibits smoking by people under the age of 18 years of age. Therefore, smoking will not be allowed at Girls State.

6. You are to return to the residence hall immediately following evening sessions. Do not wander on campus for your safety. Residence halls close at 11:00 PM and no one is allowed to after the door is locked.

7. You are to exercise common sense as far as noise and lights go. Keep your voice and radio volume low when it might disturb others. All hall lights will be out at 12:00 midnight. You will be sharing a room with a citizen selected at random. Please respect your roommate and her property as you want yours to be respected.

8. If you drive a car to Girls State, you must turn in the keys to the house mother after parking it in the designated parking area. Unregistered cars will be towed at your expense. Please note there is a $25 charge for parking.

9. Name Tags are to be worn whenever you leave the residence hall. Please wear it above your waist so it can be read easily. This tag is your meal ticket, your entry to recreation programs and your identification as a ALA Tar Heel Girls State citizen.

10. Dress Code: Dress for all meeting is business casual. This includes dresses/shirts/pants with a blouse or top. Skirts and dresses much be at least fingertip length. Pants must be mid-calf or longer. No midriff baring tops, tube tops or shorts. No spaghetti straps unless worn under a jacket/sweater. No denim pants or logo t-shirts. 

Please make sure you wear the proper undergarments for your outfits.

11. VERY comfortable shoes are needed. You will be doing a lot of walking.

12. A Before and After inspection is made of each room. Citizens are responsible for any damages to her room or facilities.

13. Each citizen is responsible for her room key. If you lock yourself out, the 1st request for key entry is free. Any further requests will be charged. You must return your room key on Saturday before you leave, or you will be charged $30.00.

14. Cell phones must be turned off during sessions.