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Proof of Service 
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Proof of Service

Each application must include documentation of "proof of service", often referred to as the DD-214. However there are other documents that will be accepted. Below is a list of places to check for the documentation.

Remember! Do NOT attach originals, only copies of the documentation!

Documentation sites
Proof of wartime service documentation


Documentation determining proof of wartime service may include, but not limited to copies of, Department of Defense documents, Department of the Army documents, Department of the Navy documents, Department of the Air Force documents, Department of Veterans Affairs documents (federal or state), American Legion documents, Obituaries, and entries in a family Bible or Holy Scriptures


The following locations may be of assistance.


  • Please be advised that many certificates of discharge prior to 1979 may not appear to be “official” documents and may have been typed onto a sheet of paper. If you are unsure, please ask your local American Legion service officer. Locate your American Legion Department Service Officer at www.legion.org/serviceofficer  or download The American Legion Claims Coach Mobile App through Google Play or ITunes App Store.



  • The County Clerk and Recorders Office where the veteran resided.


  • The funeral home may have kept a copy if military honors were provided.


  • Monument company if VA headstone or marker was ordered.


  • If the veteran had utilized a VA Home Loan there may be a copy of the DD214 with the title documentation.


  • Veterans who have signed up for EBENEFITS  through the Veterans Administration may be able to obtain a printable copy. www.ebenefits.va.gov


  • The State Director of Veterans Affairs may have received a copy of the veterans DD214 at the time of discharge from military service. This will be specific to the state in which the veterans home of record.