What to Bring to 

ALA Tar Heel Girls State


Extra Long twin sheets, pillow, blanket, towels, washcloths


Personal Items

Hangers, robe and shower shoes, bathroom caddy to get personal care items to the shower, personal care products



Camera, cell phone, spending money, music, instruments, costumes for talent show, alarm clock, iron, umbrella or raincoat (it does rain at ALA THGS)


Be sure to arrive before 3 to have time to set up your room, make your bed, unpack your clothes and meet your new friends.

Community Service

We will be collecting items to be given to the veterans in the VA hospitals.  See the Community Service page for the items we will be collecting.


Packing List
Here are some things to consider when packing for Girls State. You will be staying on a dormitory room. You will have a bed, a dresser, and a desk. You will share a bathroom with others. The showers do have shower curtains. 
Basically, you will need everything else you use in your room and bathroom. This includes bedding (extra long twin sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc.), towels, washcloths and toiletries. A shower caddy is useful to transport your stuff back and forth from the shower. Also you need something to wear back and from to the shower, including some sort of shower shoes. You will need an alarm clock or something to use to wake up in the morning. 
Remember to include the chargers for your phones, mp3 player, tablet, laptop, etc.
Make sure you have any medication you may need (current prescriptions, over the counter meds, etc). Wear contacts? Make sure and bring a spare pair and plenty of solution, as well as your glasses, just in case.
Don't forget sanitary products! You never know when you will need them.
You may want hand soap, air freshener, Lysol, etc. to make your room feel more like home. Trash cans are provided for each floor so you may want to bring a small one for use in your room.
You may also want to bring some snacks to keep in your room. You will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave in the dorm so some people bring their own. Breakfast, lunch and supper are provided to you. You have the opportunity to purchase food most evening after your meetings and before you have to be in your dorms. Also, the student store is open some during the day and there is a ALA THGS store so make sure and bring money for any extras you may want.
You need to make sure you have enough dress code approved shirts, skirts, pants or capris or dresses to wear Sunday through Saturday. 
You will have free time every afternoon and every night after meetings. Make sure you have enough casual clothes for free time each day. Recreation facilities are available, including some pool time, so bring any athletic equipment and clothing you would need for those activities.
Consider bringing a sweater or jacket to wear as some rooms we use can be chilly. Also bring an umbrella or raincoat in case it rains.
You will be provided a program book that will tell you everything you need to know, but you need a tote to carry it in as well as pen and paper. Totes will be for sale in the THGS store. Feel free to bring any materials you might use for decorations, posters, campaigning. You cannot bring any pre-printed material for campaigning but poster board, markers, paint, paper, etc is fine. Also, if you would like to participate in the Variety Show on Friday evening, bring any instruments, costumes, music. etc. needed for your act. A few other items I have learned to include in my packing list over the years are a camera, bug spray, flashlight and detergent. I hope this list helps. Basically, if you use it in your normal activities, you need to pack it!